There are so many reasons we choose to serve Dean's Beans Organic Coffee Company in our cafe. 

  1. Dean's only roast high-quality specialty coffee beans which are used as a vehicle for progressive change throughout the coffee lands of Asia, Africa and the Americas,
  2. All of their beans are certified Organic, Fair-Trade, and Kosher,
  3. All beans are roasted in small batches at their beanery in local Orange, MA,
  4. Their commitment to only purchase shade grown coffee supports healthy environments for coffee growers and protects critical migratory bird habitats,
  5. It's important to Dean's that the quality of their coffee includes the respect for quality of life for their coffee partners throughout the world, and
  6. Their Coffee tastes so darn good, we had to share it with our customers, it's just the right thing to do!

We also want to thank Dean's Beans Organic Coffee Company for highlighting our cafe on their website.

"Meet your (Coffee) Maker! Welcome aboard to The Freckled Fox Cafe - a sweet, classic, family-friendly cafe with a giant heart. We especially *love* their Cup of Kindness pay-it-forward program, for community members who are hungry but don't have the means to buy a meal for themselves. Read more here:"