Simpson & Vail Inc. is one of the oldest Tea companies in the USA.  Simpson & Vail was established in 1929 and is a family owned local business located in Brookfield, CT.  Simpson & Vail is dedicated to offering quality teas from around the world. Simpson & Vail has over 350 teas (black, green, oolong, decaf, flavored, flowering, white and blends) from China, India, Japan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nepal, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Colombia. All of our teas are gluten-free.

Black Teas
English Breakfast
Earl Grey
Darjeeling Margarets Hope Estate
Kenya Safari
Decaf Earl Grey

Green Teas
Japan Gyokuro
Japan Sencha
China Pinhead Gunpowder
Moroccan Mint
Darjeeling - Ambootia Estate

Specialty Teas
Apple Cinnamon - Black Desert Tea
Almond Sugar Cookie - Black Desert Tea
Peppermint - Herbal
Chamomile - Herbal
Burgundy Blast - Herbal
Detox - Herbal